Laser Treatment

Micro Needling

Micro-needling is a process that punctures the very first layer of skin with a slew of tiny needles. This procedure rejuvenates your skin by increasing collagen synthesis, which decreases the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while also improving the overall texture.

Laser treatments, which can cost up to four times as much as microneedling, are more expensive. Microneedling may be more effective for persons with darker skin tones than laser treatments since it does not require heat, which might impact your skin’s pigmentation, or colour.

Inquire with your dermatologist about the greatest options for your skin and your budget. And another important thing to know about micro-needling is that people think that this is an easy to do process, and they can do it by themselves, but it should be strictly handled by professionals. Do not mess with your skin as the outcome can be worse. 

Laser toning is only available to those who meet certain criteria. For example, It is not recommended for pregnant ladies or when you breastfeed. This process must be approached with realistic expectations and people going for this treatment should maintain their good health.

This surgery is advised for persons who have melasma, acne scars, wrinkles, suntan, open pores, and other skin issues.